Arrears Management Solutions

Whatever the nature of your business, we provide a cost effective range of Arrears Management and Bad Debt Solutions to suit your businesses requirements and are committed to giving our clients a competitive choice in professional services.

Whether you simply want us to act as your Credit Control Department for those persistent bad payers or you wish us to commence Legal Proceedings against your debtors on your behalf, our packages have been designed to allow you to control the cost of your collections each month whilst reducing your Bad Debt.

Companies can be wary about the costs which could be incurred in outsourcing their Credit Control and may see this as an unnecessary expense however, without investigating the true cost of these effective services, you could miss the opportunity of reducing your outgoings significantly.

Our Arrears Management Solutions has proved a popular service with many of our clients including Finance Houses, Tradesman, Utility Providers, Wholesale and Building Suppliers and Doctors, Dentist and Vetinary Surgeries; all of whom have invoices or agreements which have been outstanding for 60 days plus.

Our firm but fair professional approach in collecting these types of debts ensures that a good relationship is maintained with your client or debtor and gives the debtor the opportunity of avoiding Legal Action and additional unnecessary costs.

We also make gross payments to our clients on any funds received and bill accordingly for any commissions or charges that have been generated. This means that you are able to claim these back as a cost to your company, which in turn can have Tax relief benefits.

 Collections are 100{b82f0a53fa1bab05bf8ceee89bed3bdef061604afc1d14f771e489737e5ecbd1} Commission Free

 The debt can be returned into your control at any stage

 Cost saving on resources

 Real time updates via e-mail so you are aware of any progress or arrangements made

 Monthly pay out’s to you for all cleared funds received up to and including the 25th of each month before the last working day of each month

 Payments are submitted to you as a Gross payment so that all received funds can be allocated against the agreement

 Collection Unit Charges are invoiced at the end of each month at the same time we remit any receivables to you – These can then be posted as fees against the debtor account

 The more Collection Units you use the cheaper they are

 No debt can generate any more than 2 Collection Units in any one month regardless of the level of collection activity

 Evening and Weekend Call service to debtors who are non-contactable during normal working hours

If your debtors continue to bury their heads in the sand and won’t respond to Final Demands with satisfactory payment offers or settlement, then we can offer alternative effective services such as Debt Recovery and Door Step Service.

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