Debt Recovery Service

As well as offering an Arrears Management Service we also offer Legal Services and we can act on your instruction to represent you in the Petty Debts Court and Royal Court of Jersey to obtain and enforce Judgment in order to recover your Bad Debt. This is a very cost effective service and we can also arrange for Judgments to be granted and enforced in the UK.

Our Litigation Manager Paul Dowden has over 18 years’ experience in this area and all payment offers are scrutinised and means tested to ensure that you get the maximum returnable payment offer.

You also only pay a reduced disbursement fee if the debt proves unrecoverable however Judgments are enforceable for up to 10 years and we reactivate unsatisfied Judgments regularly throughout their lifetime to increase the chances of any recovery along with any default interest which has accrued.

Our commission rates on Legal Instructions are very competitive within the market and there are no hidden costs. Usually any commission charged can be offset against default interest which has accrued and our staged payments reduce the risk of any disbursement fee becoming due to you if the debtor stops payment at any time.

Commissions are only payable on successful recovery and are extremely competitive within the market and unlike our competitors we will also keep you updated with any progress on your case as and when it happens.

 Competitive Commission Rates

 Competitive disbursement fees in cases where judgment proves unenforceable
Real time updates via e-mail

 All receivables are submitted to you as a Gross payment before month end and any charges or commissions are invoiced to you separately

 Unenforceable judgments reactivated regularly throughout its lifetime

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